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   ReproScan Manufacturer’s Warranty:

  • ReproScan Units & Probes:            2-Years

  • LCD Monitors:                                  2-Years

  • Repro-arm:                                        2-Years 

  • OJOs Goggles:                                 1-Year

  • ReproScan Batteries:                      6-months

  • Catagra Groups Extended 2-Years Extended Warranty Option:

  • ReproScan Units & Probes:            Additional 2-Years

  • LCD Monitors:                                  Additional 2-Years

  • If anything fails electronically, we’ll fix it at our cost, in Australia! The Extended Warranty starts from the date of payment of your invoice.

  • **This doesn't include repair of accidental or at fault damage - this is where we recommend you having your package covered under insurance.**

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