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ReproScan - OJO V4s GOGGLES - New release

AU$3 595.00
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Product Details
Brand: ReproScan

Complete mobility for cattle ultrasound pregnancy testing.

Features:The OJO V4s offers a streamlined design allowing you more peripheral vision. A simple design with multiple mounting options makes it customisable for your environment.Comfortable, rugged, quality viewing device

  • VGA 640 = 480 bright display
  • Rugged LEMO connector
  • Splash proof for the dairy environment
  • Works with ReproScans BoviScan, XTC and Flexx models
  • Can be worn with GoPro or Hat Mount configuration
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Multiple adjustments for personalised fit. The image can be positioned for greatest viewing comfort.
  • Good peripheral visibility for your safety

12-month warranty


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